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Practise, Learn and take mocks. Customized for every examination to make you smile in the that examination

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Practice, Learn and Take Mock for 23+ Examinations


Practice Endless No Of Questions

Large number of questions ranging mainly from examination past-year questions and set of custom-prepared questions. One thing is promised, you will never exhaust the questions as questions are updated day in-day out. OH! did you notice that? All questions are up-to-date with the current examination settings.

Take Mock before Main Examination

We want you to smile in that examination, so we designed the MOCK feature for you to take as many mock as possible before the actual examination.



Check your preparedness for your exam.

We want you to sure that are fully prepared for the examination..Monitor your progress as you prepare for that examination and smile at your result.

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We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

YataBox Customised for JAMB UTME CBT
YataBox for JAMB CBT; working on Use Of English
YataBOx for JAMB CBT; submitting examination
YataBox creating your exam profile
YataBox windows version displaying all exams available
YataBox windows; starting a JAMB CBT practice
YataBox for windows.. dashboard for your selected exam


Smile in your examination

Whether it's for JAMB CBT or WAEC or NECO, our goal is to make you smile in that examination. 78% of yatabox users pass with flying colors. Thta's YATABOX, smile every where.

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No matter your pocket, we have got your size. one thing is promised....smiles everywhere



Limited to just 3 years of questions
Limited to just 3 profiles
Limited to just max. no of subjects for exam

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Designed for students; personal use
Unlimited number of past questions
Limited to just max. no of subjects for exam

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Designed for business use(schools & cybercafes)
Unlimited no of past questions
Unlimited no of subjects & profiles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list

Can I use it for JAMB CBT Practice?

Yes! YataBox is designed first for JAMB UTME CBT, with real JAMB UTME interface, all JAMB Subjects, including Agric, Arabic, Music, Yoruba, Igbo and other JAMB UTME subjects

How many subjects does a yatabox software comes with?

YataBox windows version comes with at least two(2) examinations depending on the variant of download you selected. check the download notes before downloading it.

Can I get yatabox on a CD or flashdrive?

Yes! yatabox is available on CD and flashdrive. Take a dive in to store to get one

Can yatabox run on mobile phone?

Yes it can and it does run on mobile devices. go to the mobile page to learn about yatabox for mobile devices